About Agricast

Agricast is a private forecasting service built with and built for agricultural professionals. Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Agricast employs meteorologists, agronomists, and a dedicated sales team to create the most accurate weather forecasts. Our competitors are offering weather stations, but there is more value in planning for weather into the future.

During our pilot project in harvest 2016, we asked for farmers who would be willing to use us for weather decisions. We filled our 6 spots within days of asking over social media. The response has been overwhelming. Agricast was born out of a passion for weather and forecasting coupled with summers on the family farm. Founder Nevin deMilliano has had a deeply rooted obsession with all things atmospheric.

With rapidly growing world population, demands on food production will continue to intensify. We know that accurate, timely, and location-specific weather forecasts play a significant role in improving crop productivity. Agricast’s goal is to give producers reliable tools to help increase yield and decrease stress.

Our mission at Agricast is to provide simple and accurate weather forecasts custom to your farming operations. These forecasts will be essential to ensuring more efficient, sustainable agriculture-keeping your fields green and more “green” in your pockets.